Sapphire Events are passionate in their belief  that success lies in the attention to detail.

Unique themed props are the main focal point for your event. The detail that pulls your theme together transforming a blank canvass into a most memorable experience that can last a lifetime.  Each part of an event needs meticulous attention to detail in order for it to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Sapphire Events have created a large inventory of Props ranging from Mannequins that can be dressed to suit any theme, a giant Polar Bear family, to a full range of different themed packages to suit your event. Just some of our props are listed below:







* Large Ghosts & Ghouls
* Cobwebs with glow in the dark spiders
* Glow in the dark skeletons
* Life-size Coffin
* Light up Pumpkins throughout venue
* Black Candelabras with flicker Candles
* Flame Lights
* Up lighters with relevant coloured gels
* Grave Yard with up to animated Gravestones
* Bag of Bones scattered over graveyard
* Dried bags of leaves
* Grave Moss and glow in the dark beetles
* Grave yard fencing around outskirts
* Animated Props throughout
* Mixture of Halloween & Graveyard signs
* Do not enter tape
* Black lace with orange table covers to add to the theme
* Rolls Royce Phantom
* VIP Red Carpet entrance package
* Silver Poseur Tables and Black bar stools
* Table Linen
* Black chair covers and silver bows
* Bespoke table centrepieces
* Full size street lights with flicker candles
* Organza bags with bespoke favours
* A number of different Jazz prints
* Saxophonist
* Jazz duo
* Magician
* Giant Plasma TV
* Professional Photographer
* Blue carpet VIP entrance package
* Giant blue and white candy canes
* Bespoke winter wonderland table plan
* Hundreds of snow flakes
* Blue LED waterfall lights
* White Christmas Trees and Blue baubles
* Mechanical Snowmen
* Street Lights
* Blue Sledge
* 6ft Polar Bear and family
* Baby Penguins
* Glistening snow mountains
* White star cloth Backdrop
* Award winning 5 Piece Band
* Award winning Magician
* Candelabra Centrepieces
* Silent Auction Company
* Personalise place cards


Our Prop Hire Packages. . .

Sapphire offers 3 simple Prop hire packages to enable you to theme your event:

Bronze Package: Up to £500

Silver Package: Up to £2,000

Gold Package: From £2,000 +

Our typical packages depend on the size and scale of your event.

Please get in touch for a specific quote.

We always aim to exceed all expectations!

"You don't get a second chance to make a first impression!"